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The trading and company representation division is one the earliest businesses of the company and one that has been representing worldwide industry leaders for their products in the UAE. We provide sponsorship and introduction to foreign companies into the UAE market, where we enjoy significant experience and contacts, in many sectors and in particular the Oil & Gas sector.

We identify market gaps, where foreign companies can provide necessary expertise in products and technology and then partner with those companies with joint venture agreements, representation and distribution agreements, or as their sole local agent. We use our years of experience to assist our foreign principals to register with local government, institutes, industries and oil and gas companies and enable them to participate and possibly win sizable projects or orders. If required, we also assist in sponsoring their local branch office



Our current portfolio of principals range in areas of metal alloys, pipes and fittings, welding products, phone booths and kiosks, telecom companies, aerospace products and services etc.


With over 100 years of experience, Voestalpine Böhler Welding is the global top address for the daily challenges in the areas of joint welding, wear and corrosion protection as well as brazing. Böhler Welding offers a globally unique and complete product portfolio of welding consumables from own production. The extensive range of approximately 2,000 products is constantly aligned to the up-to-date specifications of the most demanding industries and is adjusted, if necessary, to the market requirements under observance of the highest quality standards. http://www.boehler-welding.com


Greiner MULTIfoam is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality PUR-composite foam materials and the production of high-quality materials made of cork, rubber cork, as well as pure rubber from our subsidiary GuKoTech. High Performance in Impact Noise Reduction Acousticbase are environmentally friendly and sustainable materials especially developed to meet highest standards in noise reduction. Acousticbase may consist of different recycled components such as flexible PUR foam, cork, recycled rubber or rubber-cork. Each of these materials can be used under any floor covering e.g. ceramic tiles or parquet floor. http://www.greiner-multifoam.com


Special Metals WPC, US/UK – A PCC Company – Special Metals Welding Products Company is the world’s leading supplier of nickel-base welding consumables for joining high-nickel alloys and high-performance steels; joining or repair-welding cast irons; welding dissimilar metals, and overlaying on steel using welding techniques. The leading position of this worldwide business is demonstrated in the ownership of almost all of the industry-recognized trademarks such as: INCONEL®, INCOLOY®, NIMONIC®, NILO®, MONEL® and INCO-WELD®. Special Metals is a supplier to many critical industries where their experience of both process and product application and ability to truly support the customer is widely acknowledged.  www.specialmetalswelding.com


Terraspan Pipe-Fittings Ltd, UK - For over 35 years Terraspan Pipe Fittings has specialised in supplying the oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, process plant, energy and defence industries with nickel alloy and exotic alloy pipe, pipe fittings, flanges and special machined components. www.terraspan.co.uk


Myrmidon, USA – Myrmidon is a supplier of high quality telephone enclosures & booths, kiosks, air/water vending machines, and airport solutions. They have developed into a full service sheet metal fabrication company with virtually unlimited capabilities. www.myrmcorp.com


BIBUS METALS AG, SWITZERLAND – An exclusive distributor of Special Metals for Switzerland, Austria, and Eastern Europe, BIBUS METALS has offices and warehouses in many countries and supplies large quantities of alloys in rods, bars, sheets, plates, tubes, pipes, wire, strip and welding material. They have rapidly become the foremost deliverer for heat and corrosion resistant materials. In order to enlarge its portfolio BIBUS METALS AG has added in the early nineties Titanium and Titanium Alloys to its already extensive range of products.



3M Gulf Ltd. is the regional office for 3M a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services. EMCC is the authorized distributor for the following products in the commercial sector and exclusively for the oil and gas sector:


Passive Fire Protection - 3M Passive Fire Protection Solutions are fully tested fire protection systems that meet demanding fire containment requirements. These solutions prevent or protect fire from passing through penetrations in fire rated walls and floors. These products are approved under the UL, FM systems and other international codes and are used extensively in major international airports & substations, oil & gas facilities and the hospitality & tourism industry. www.3m.com


Industrial Tapes and Adhesives – 3M design, manufacture, and market a broad range of specialty adhesives, double-sided bonding and adhesive transfer tapes, and reclosable fasteners. These products are sold into many industries and market centres such as oil and gas, aerospace, architecture and construction, converters, electronics, and transportation. www.3m.com


Suraj Limited, INDIA  - Stainless steel seamless and welded pipes, tubes and U tubes manufacturers and Govt. of India recognized Export House selling its premium products in India and abroad to more than 70 countries worldwide. Suraj Limited has specialization in tubing for Heat exchangers, LP/HP Heaters, Condensers, Heating Elements and duly annealed, pickled, cold rolled and weld bead removed tubes with 30-meters length tubes. www.surajgroup.com


Multimetals, INDIA - Premier manufacturers of seamless extruded copper, copper alloy products including 90/10, 95/5, & 70/30 Cupro Nickel, Cunifer, Aluminium Brass, Admiralty Brass, 70/30 Brass, 63/37 Brass, Naval Brass confirming to various international standards. Providing a wide product range they cater to numerous industries like Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Heat exchangers, Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants, Ship Building and Repairs, Petroleum refineries, Sugar Plants, Defense establishments i.e. Naval Warships etc. www.multimetals.in


OHI Telecomunications Company LLC, OMAN - is a leading Telecommunications system integrator and provider of high quality products and support services in the Sultanate of Oman. In a joint venture with EMCC in the UAE, they provide have been providing consultation, network design and engineering, equipment supply, installation and on-going maintenance support to Etisalat.


ALCA Fasteners, UK - a major supplier of large diameter bolts & nuts to the Petro-chemical, gas, oil and construction industries.


Price Induction, FRANCE - An aircraft technology company based in France. Price Induction, in addition to developing a turbofan engine (DGEN 380) for Personal Light Jets, is also a provider of educational solutions for aviation and engineering institutions.  Their WESTT solutions will allow university/aviation institutes to get a sophisticated platform for students to learn and for professors to teach or even conduct research projects in many fields such as aerodynamics, control systems, thermodynamics, combustion, materials, acoustics etc.  www.price-induction.com


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